2018 Jun 14

Queen Elizabeth II & The Duchess of Sussex spend the day in Cheshire

Today Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II were in Cheshire to attend several royal engagements. They were first seen arriving at Runcorn Station by Royal Train. They were greated by crowds before heading to the Catalyst Science Discovery Centre to open the Mersey Getaway Bridge. They witnessed a performance by local schoolchildren. Afterwards, they attended the opening of Storyhouse Theatre, where they saw a storytelling session for nursery children, they met The Storyhouse Young Leaders and more, before enjoing a few performances inside the theatre. They also observed a minute of silence of all Greenfell Tower vicitims to mark the first anniversary of the fire. They ended the day by doing a walkabout on their way to Chester Town Hall where they were invited to have lunch. You can check more than 300 HQ photos in the gallery, more will be coming later today !