2018 Oct 23

The Duke & Duchess of Sussex Visit Fiji – Day 1: Suva

Harry & Meghan have landed in Suva, Fiji for the second leg of their Royal Tour. The couple departed Fraser Island in early afternoon and were greeted by a Guarde of Honour upon their arrival at Nausori Airport. Meghan watched as Harry inspected the guards. VIDEO

The Duke & Duchess then went to Borron House, where they met with The President of Fiji, Major-General (retired) Jioji Kontrote and his wife Sarote Faga Konrote. The Duchess received a beautiful pearl necklace as a gift. VIDEO

Harry and Meghan were officially welcomed into the country with a traditional ceremony at Albert Park. More than 15.000 people joined the Royals in the park, and apparently didn’t mind the rain. As per tradition, the ceremony, known as Veirqaraqaravi Vakavanua, focuses on Fijian heritage and cultural identity and was done in complete silence. Harry drank a beverage called Kava, a non-alcoholic drink made with herbs to treat anxiety. VIDEO

The Duke & Duchess then reached the Grand Pacific Hotel, where they will be staying during their visit to Fiji. They appeared on the balcony, exactly like Harry’s grandparents, Queen Elizabeth & Prince Philip did in 1953 when they visited Fiji. A massive crowd gathered in front of the hotel to get a glimpse of Harry and Meghan. VIDEO

Finally, in the evening, The Duke & Duchess attended a State Reception and Dinner hosted by The President of Fiji at the Grand Pacific Hotel. They talked with the guests, Meghan couldn’t stop giving Baby Sussex some attention. During the dinner, Harry made a speech, which you can see here: VIDEO.