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The Duke & Duchess of Sussex Visit Tonga – Day 2: Nuku’alofa

Harry and Meghan had a packed morning of engagements for their last day in Nuku’alofa, Tonga. They began their day at St. George Goverment Building, where they met Prime Minister S. Akilisi Pohiva and other members of the Togan Cabinet. Upon their arrival, they were greeted by young children who seemed very excited to meet them. VIDEO

The Duke & Duchess then visited an exhibition of Tongan handicrafts at the Fa’onelua Convention Centre. They were joined by Princess Angelika of Tonga and received a traditional outfit named ta’ovala (a garland skirt) as a gift. They watched a dance performance before touring the centre.

After a change of outfits, the couple visited Tupou College, in particular the Toloa Forest Reserve, to unveil the new Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy. Harry went inside the forest while Meghan stayed in the college and watched boys perform a dance/song about mosquitoes which made her cry of laughter. The couple also met some parrots which were released later that day in the forest. A reminder that Meghan avoids forests because of Zika concerns. VIDEO

Harry and Meghan ended the day with an official farewell at the Royal Palace with King Tupou VI and Queen Nanasipauʻu Tukuʻaho. Then they departed Tonga for Sydney, Australia, to close the Invictus Games tomorrow night. VIDEO

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The Duke & Duchess of Sussex Visit Tonga – Day 1: Nuku’alofa

The Royal Tour of Oceania continues with The Kingdom of Tonga ! In the afternoon, Harry and Meghan arrived by charter flight at Fua’amotu Airport, and were greeted by Princess Lātūfuipeka Angelika Tukuʻaho, the daughter of King Tupou VI. Meghan chose a red dress which is the main color on the Tongan flag. VIDEO

In the evening, the couple attended a dinner at Consular House. They privately met with King Tupou VI and Queen Nanasopau’u before joining the guests for the reception.

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The Duke & Duchess of Sussex Visit Fiji – Day 3: Nadi

The Royal Visit of Fiji has come to an end. This morning, Harry and Meghan left Suva for Nadi, and were officially welcomed at Nadi Airport just like they were welcomed in Albert Park the day before. Following the ceremony, Harry unveiled the statue of Sergeant Talaiasi Labalaba, a British-Fijian soldier in the SAS who died in the Battle of Mirbat in 1972. A statue of him had already been unveiled in 2009 at the SAS Headquarters in Herefordshire, England. The Duke and Duchess then departed Nadi for The Kindgom of Tonga. VIDEOVIDEO

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The Duke & Duchess of Sussex Visit Fiji – Day 2: Suva

The 2nd day of the Royal Tour in Fiji began early for Harry & Meghan. In the morning, after Harry’s engement at the War Memorial, Meghan joined her husband (both dressed in Fijian clothing to honour the culture) at the University of The South Pacific. They met with students, as well as one Queen’s Young Leader Elisha Azeemah Bano. Harry and Meghan were offered flower garlands upon their arrival. This engagement marks Meghan’s first official speech as a member of the Royal Family, her ‘Together’ speech back in September was to say thank you. You can watch the speech below and read it here.

Following this engagement, Harry & Meghan went on solo engagements. The Duchess attended a morning tea reception at the British High Commissioner’s Residence. She got to help make a traditional Fijian dish named Lote, made from smoked breadfruit. She also met leader advocates and heard more about UN Women’s project ‘Markets for Change’, a project for women’s empowerment in marketplaces throughout the Pacific. VIDEO

The Duchess ended her day of engagements at Suva Market, where she met female vendors who became empowered by the ‘Market for Change’ project and help promote it. Unfortunately, because of security risks, the engagement had to be ended earlier than expected. VIDEO

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The Duke & Duchess of Sussex Visit Fiji – Day 1: Suva

Harry & Meghan have landed in Suva, Fiji for the second leg of their Royal Tour. The couple departed Fraser Island in early afternoon and were greeted by a Guarde of Honour upon their arrival at Nausori Airport. Meghan watched as Harry inspected the guards. VIDEO

The Duke & Duchess then went to Borron House, where they met with The President of Fiji, Major-General (retired) Jioji Kontrote and his wife Sarote Faga Konrote. The Duchess received a beautiful pearl necklace as a gift. VIDEO

Harry and Meghan were officially welcomed into the country with a traditional ceremony at Albert Park. More than 15.000 people joined the Royals in the park, and apparently didn’t mind the rain. As per tradition, the ceremony, known as Veirqaraqaravi Vakavanua, focuses on Fijian heritage and cultural identity and was done in complete silence. Harry drank a beverage called Kava, a non-alcoholic drink made with herbs to treat anxiety. VIDEO

The Duke & Duchess then reached the Grand Pacific Hotel, where they will be staying during their visit to Fiji. They appeared on the balcony, exactly like Harry’s grandparents, Queen Elizabeth & Prince Philip did in 1953 when they visited Fiji. A massive crowd gathered in front of the hotel to get a glimpse of Harry and Meghan. VIDEO

Finally, in the evening, The Duke & Duchess attended a State Reception and Dinner hosted by The President of Fiji at the Grand Pacific Hotel. They talked with the guests, Meghan couldn’t stop giving Baby Sussex some attention. During the dinner, Harry made a speech, which you can see here: VIDEO.

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