2018 Oct 18

The Duke & Duchess of Sussex Visit Australia – Day 3: Melbourne

The Royal Tour of Oceana continues with 6 engagements in the city of Melbourne. Harry and Meghan began their visit by greeting the crowds on their arrival at Government House. A little boy named Gavin offered Meghan a necklace which she put on right away; she also got other goodies. The couple were about 20 minutes late because of a truck that lost its load on the highway. VIDEO

While at Government House, Harry and Meghan attended a reception hosted by the Governor of Victoria Linda Dessau. They met Young Leaders from the State of Victoria, and indulged in sports such as Australian Rules Football. They also got to play with a racing circuit. VIDEO

Their next stop was a restaurant in Fitzroy named Charcoal Lane, where Their Royal Highnesses first viewed a mural which pays tribute to the Aboriginal identity of Fitzroy. They also joined a cooking session with young people involved in the Mission Australia training programme for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people. Meghan then changed outfits before leaving the restaurant. VIDEO

The Duke and Duchess then visited Albert Park Primary School, where they got a warm reception. They visited the school’s Paradise garden and learnt more about their compost bins, their worm farm and vegetable garden. VIDEO

After leaving the school, the couple took a tram to go to South Melbourne Beach. During the ride, they talked with pupils who were heading back to school. VIDEO

Finally The Duke & Duchess ended their day at South Melbourne Beach, where they met with a Beach Patrol clean team, as well as Lifeguards. The Beach Patrol not only cleans the beach, they also raise awareness on the issue of plastic and its consequences on the environment and the oceans. VIDEO