2019 Feb 04

The Duke & Duchess of Sussex visit Bristol

On Friday, Harry and Meghan spent a day in Bristol, South West England. They began their day in King Street, where they greeted all the people who had gathered in the snow to get a glimpse of the couple. The snow and the cold didn’t stop the Duke & Duchess from greeting as much people as they could, even young toddlers who’d waited a long time to meet them. VIDEO

The couple then visited the Bristol Old Vic Theatre, the oldest working theatre in the English speaking world. They saw an upcoming exhibition on the theatre’s 250 years of sound technology before watching a youth company perform a part of their production of ‘Hercules’. VIDEO

The Duke and Duchess then visited One 25, a charity helping women to get back on their feet and break-free from the sex-working world and addictions by providing them with care. Meghan had an idea to write encouraing words on bananas that were going to be delivered to these women later that day (She first saw this when a teacher in the US did it to encourage her young students). She wrote ‘You are special’, ‘You are brave’, ‘You are strong’, ‘You are loved’. VIDEO

Harry and Meghan ended their day at the Empire Fighting Chance, an organisation trying to fight the impact of deprivation on the lives of young people. They support kids who are failing at school, and those who are on the verge of getting into danger by helping them turn their life around. The Duke & Duchess were offering boxing gloves during their visit. VIDEO