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The Bahamian amusement alcazar featured a faux Mayan temple, sculptures of smoke-breathing snakes and a disco with a stripper pole. The owner, Peter Nygard, a Canadian appearance executive, showed off his acreage on TV shows like “Lifestyles of the Affluent and Famous” and threw loud beachfront parties, amusement in the aggregation of boyish girls and adolescent women.

Next door, Louis Bacon, an American barrier armamentarium billionaire, presided over an aerial retreat with a backyard for croquet. Bacon adopted hunting abandoned with a bow and arrow to accessory agrarian parties, and if mentioned at all in the press, was about declared as buttoned-up.

The neighbors had little in accepted except for acute abundance and a driveway. But aback Nygard wasn’t accustomed to clean afterwards a fire, he abhorrent Bacon. Since then, the two accept been affected in an ballsy battle, spending tens of millions of dollars and filing at atomic 25 lawsuits in bristles jurisdictions. Nygard, 78, has advance belief accusing Bacon of actuality an cabal trader, assassin and affiliate of the Ku Klux Klan. Bacon, 63, has accused Nygard of acute to annihilate him.

The latest allegation is decidedly incendiary: Attorneys and lath adjourned in allotment by Bacon affirmation that Nygard raped boyish girls in the Bahamas.

This month, a federal accusation was filed by abstracted attorneys in New York on account of 10 women accusing Nygard of animal assault. The accusation claims that Nygard acclimated his company, Nygard International, and advisers to annex adolescent victims and ply them with booze and drugs. He additionally paid Bahamian badge admiral to annihilate reports, aggregate women with bounded politicians and clean-cut victims to recruit “fresh meat,” the accusation says. Through a spokesman, Nygard denied the allegations.

Over months of interviews with The New York Times, dozens of women and above advisers declared how declared victims were absorbed to Nygard’s Bahamian home by the anticipation of clay jobs or a aftertaste of luxury.

“He preys on poor people’s little girls,” said Natasha Taylor, who formed there for bristles years.

But this is not aloof a adventure of corruption allegations. It’s additionally a adventure about the lengths two affluent men can go to in a baby developing nation breadth the minimum allowance is aloof $210 a week. Together, Nygard and Bacon are account abutting to the anniversary account of the government of the Bahamas, an archipelago off the coffer of Florida with blueblood day-tripper resorts that confute the country’s pockets of poverty.

Their activity became a cottage industry for opportunists.

Investigators and attorneys angry to Bacon offered Nygard assembly acceptable incentives to anatomy an corruption case adjoin the Canadian — Cartier jewelry, a approved bacon or a year’s appoint in a gated community, according to abstracts and interviews. Abate payments filtered bottomward to some accusers, which could be acclimated to attenuate their believability in any cloister case or investigation.

Nygard acclimated his abundance to alarm critics and buy allies. He had advisers assurance acquaintance agreements and sued those he doubtable of talking. Assorted women said he had handed them banknote afterwards sex, allowance to buy silence. And he paid tens of bags of dollars to bodies accouterment affidavit statements to use adjoin Bacon in lawsuits, according to cloister records, interviews and coffer statements.

Some women said they acquainted exploited by both men — by Nygard for sex, and by Bacon adjoin his enemy.

“They’re messing up people’s lives in the average of their fight,” said Tamika Ferguson, who claims Nygard raped her aback she was 16. She said she advised to accompany the lawsuit.

The Times interviewed all the women who eventually active on to the suit, which articular them as Jane Does to assure their privacy. Reporters additionally batten with bristles added women, who said Nygard sexually assaulted them in the Bahamas aback they were teenagers. Three said they were beneath 16 at the time, the age of accord there. But two afterwards recanted, adage they had been promised money and accomplished to assemble their stories.

This isn’t the aboriginal time that Nygard, whose aggregation sells women’s clothes at his own outlets and Dillard’s administration stores, has been accused of animal misconduct. Over the accomplished four decades, nine women in Canada and California accept sued him or appear him to authorities. He has never been convicted.

Nygard beneath assorted account requests. One of his attorneys said he had “never advised women inappropriately” and declared the allegations “paid-for lies.”

Ken Frydman, his spokesman, denied all the claims and said Bacon had spent added than a decade aggravating “to apply Peter Nygard by coercing women to assemble and accomplish abject belief about him.” Nygard additionally accused Bacon in a accusation of masterminding a cabal “to bulb a apocryphal story” in The Times about animal misconduct.

Bacon, who founded New York-based Moore Basic Management, said he acquainted answerable to booty activity afterwards audition of accessible animal corruption by his neighbor. His assembly accept spent two years award women to accompany claims adjoin Nygard.

I of anybody knew what it was like to accept this guy appear at you,” Bacon said in an interview. “So my affection went out to these women.”

‘8th Wonder of the World’

Nygard’s acreage was clashing any added in Lyford Cay, one of the best absolute communities in the Bahamas. His acreage looked like commodity out of Las Vegas.

He declared it the “Eighth Wonder of the World”: a abundant retreat with sculptures of roaring lions and a animal aquarium breadth topless women undulated in bogie tails.

For one birthday, he flew in models who danced afore him in anatomy paint. His workers said they consistently lit torches at dusk and played the appellation song from “The Phantom of the Opera.” Michael Jackson and above President George H.W. Bush visited the property, which the Canadian agent renamed “Nygard Cay.” (He declared abounding things afterwards himself: his jet, an electric adumbration of blue, bottled water.)

An accepted playboy who already joked that his attack at abstention was “the affliction 20 account of my life,” Nygard wore his gray beard connected and shirts open. He catholic with an assembly of models and women who declared themselves as “paid girlfriends,” anachronous abridged audience like Anna Nicole Smith and fathered at atomic 10 accouchement with eight women. Application himself as a animal guinea pig, Nygard approved to activity off crumbling with axis corpuscle injections and talked of cloning himself, one abutting acquaintance said.

On abounding Sunday afternoons at his Bahamian estate, Nygard threw “pamper parties” that offered changeable guests chargeless massages, manicures, horseback rides and amaranthine alcohol. And he accepted a abiding accumulation of sex partners, according to six above advisers who said they recruited adolescent women at shops, clubs and restaurants.

One time, he was like: ‘I don’t apperceive breadth you acquisition these girls from, but there’s appealing girls in the ghetto as well,’” recalled Freddy Barr, Nygard’s claimed abettor in the aboriginal 2000s. “‘You allegation to acquisition appealing girls in need.’”

Eventually his agents aggregate an allurement list, provided to The Times, with names of added than 700 women. Above workers said they photographed guests aback they arrived, uploading the images for their boss’ perusal. Alone those who were young, abbreviate and with a ample abaft — which Nygard declared atoilet” — were declared to be accustomed inside, according to the ex-employees, including Taylor. (She asked to be articular by her beginning name to accumulate bodies from alive her affiliation with Nygard Cay.)

Actress Jessica Alba, who abounding a Nygard affair while filming “Into the Blue” in 2004, afterwards declared it as “gross.” “These girls are like 14 years old in the Jacuzzi, demography off their clothes,” she said on a columnist tour.

Once the affair got going, the above advisers and girlfriends said, they coaxed teenagers and adolescent women into Nygard’s bedroom, sometimes with the aid of booze and drugs.

Nygard did not acknowledge to best of The Times’ questions. Instead, his spokesman, Frydman, beatific affidavits from above advisers who asserted that their bang-up had never abused women and that no arrears girls were accustomed at Nygard Cay. One alike declared Nygard the Bahamas’ “most acceptable and honest expatriate.”

Others casting aspersions on Bacon, claiming he had paid Nygard advisers to dig up clay and had objected to atramentous Bahamians visiting Lyford Cay.

Nygard, estimated to be account about $750 actor in 2014 by Canadian Business magazine, had connected attenuated his able and claimed lives. He absolutely lived at work. A 1980 account commodity declared an breadth of his appointment in Winnipeg — the burghal in Manitoba breadth he congenital his aggregation — as a “passion pit” with a mirrored beam and a couch that adapted into a bed at the “push of a button.”

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Over the years, he was again accused of ambitious that changeable advisers amuse him sexually. There were the nine women in Winnipeg and Los Angeles who accused Nygard of animal aggravation or assault. But The Times batten with 10 others who said he had proposed sex, affected them afield or raped them. Alone one of them is a plaintiff in the lawsuit.

Debra Macdonald, assassin as his secretary in 1978 aback she was 19, said Nygard always addled her and approved to grab her breasts. Once, he summoned her into his Winnipeg appointment as a pornographic blur played on television, she said in an interview. “I was so disgusted,” she said.

Macdonald abdicate in 1980, anon afterwards the Winnipeg badge answerable Nygard with raping an 18-year-old woman. The case was alone afterwards the woman banned to testify.

Another above agent said that on a business cruise to Hong Kong that aforementioned year, Nygard slipped into her auberge allowance while she slept. The woman, Jonna Laursen, again 32, told The Times that he raped her. A distinct mother from Denmark, she said she afraid badge wouldn’t booty her actively and she’d lose her acceptability and job.

I knew the appropriate affair would be to address it,” Laursen said, “but somehow I acquainted that I would appear out the loser.”

Just over a year later, she said, she was accursed afterwards cause. She again declared the adventure to a colleague, Dale Dreffs, who accepted audition it. Aback Laursen threatened to go to the press, a aggregation administrator offered her $6,700 and a letter of advocacy for her silence, she said.


In 1995, a new appoint was taken from the airport to Nygard’s Winnipeg office-apartment, breadth he had sex with her “against her will,” a accusation said. The woman’s advocate accepted that the clothing led to a nondisclosure agreement. Then, in 1996, Nygard’s aggregation acclimatized animal aggravation complaints adjoin him by three above workersfor about $15,000, according to The Winnipeg Chargeless Press.

In 2015, addition above agent said, Nygard came into her bound allowance while she slept at his Los Angeles home and raped her. He afterwards accursed her, she said. Emails apparent to The Times accepted that she contacted a advocate at the time about suing him. The woman, who basic to abide anonymous, is the alone non-Bahamian to accompany the new lawsuit.

Separately, two women sued Nygard aftermost ages for animal battery. One, who was not identified, said she was beneath 18 — the California age of accord — aback she visited Nygard’s Los Angeles home in 2012. Her accusation said Nygard knew her age “yet again had animal activity with her.”

In the added lawsuit, a above employee, Maridel Carbuccia, claimed Nygard benumbed and sexually assaulted her at his Los Angeles home in 2016. Ashamed to acquaint her family, she said, she connected alive for him for added than two years afore she was fired.


Clash of the Titans

In 2009, a bonfire erupted at Nygard Cay, damaging several cabanas, the admirable anteroom and the disco. The bonfire administration said it was accidental, apparently acquired by an electrical fault. But some Nygard Cay advisers said their bang-up abhorrent Bacon, an agog conservationist who had accused Nygard of illegally mining beach to actualize new beachfront.

The government banned to let Nygard rebuild. Within days, the war began.

Nygard sued over changes his acquaintance had fabricated years beforehand to their driveway. Again he sued the government, adage it was colluding with Bacon to force him off the island.

The allegations became added bizarre: One artery beef in Nassau featured men in white hoods and placards proclaiming, “Bacon Is KKK.” New websites adjourned by Nygard claimed Bacon was amenable for several murders, cloister annal show. A video fabricated by Nygard staff, according to a above contractor, superimposed Bacon’s face on the annoyed accompanying towers.

It was an advance on me, my reputation, my safety,” Bacon said.

Nygard was a appalling opponent. Badge admiral and bounded journalists dined at his home; one afterwards accepted in cloister that Nygard had paid him to apply Bacon. Nygard additionally had allies in the Progressive Liberal Party, which he basic to approve axis corpuscle injections. He bragged he’d accustomed the affair $5 actor during the 2012 acclamation attack — legally, as the Bahamas has no attack accounts laws. Afterwards it won the election, a Nygard YouTube approach acquaint a video featuring six ministers visiting his estate.

He threatened — or sued — media outlets that advised him. He slow-walked lawsuits, filing endless motions and requesting delays, backbreaking his foes. A adjudicator referred to his “scorched-earth” approach in a abiding activity over adolescent support.

But Bacon was a attenuate adversary. His abundance was admired at added than bifold Nygard’s.

He helped anatomy a nonprofit declared Save the Bays to ambition ecology abuses, starting with Nygard Cay. Fred Smith, a arresting human-rights lawyer, came on board.

Bacon and his beforehand brother, Zack, assassin a baby army of attorneys and clandestine investigators, including veterans of the FBI and Scotland Yard. They abiding some of Nygard’s allies to accommodate affirmation for a aspersion lawsuit, filed in 2015. They launched their own lawsuits. And they paid well.


Two self-described above assemblage members, Livingston “Toggie” Bullard and Wisler “Bobo” Davilma, told the Bacons’ lath that Nygard had assassin them for bedraggled work, like torching his ex-girlfriend’s beard salon and staging anti-Bacon rallies, according to cloister records. The men claimed Nygard had accustomed them a “hit list” that included Louis Bacon and Smith. Nygard has denied this.

Bullard and Davilma, alive with the Bacon investigators, hatched a plan to cine Nygard. The clandestine eyes acted like abstruse agents, application encrypted phones and bottomward banknote for the two men in a box abaft a column office. Eventually, the Bacons paid the two about $1.5 million, mostly for secretly recording bristles affairs with Nygard.

The videos angry up no assurance of Nygard’s acute murder. “I can’t get into killing,” he said in footage acquired by The Times.

Instead, a video from June 2015 captured him on a admired topic. Looking out a car window, Nygard said there were abounding women with whom he hadn’t yet had sex.

“Do you see those toilets?” he asked.


The Hunt

The Bacons said they were abashed by belief they heard about Nygard accepting sex with boyish girls. In backward 2015, they assassin TekStratex, a new Texas aegis firm, to advance American law administration admiral to investigate him for sex trafficking.

The firm’s leader, Jeff Davis, told Zack Bacon that he’d formed for the CIA for 10 years — including in commodity declared “the apparition program,” Bacon recalled.

The FBI looked into Nygard twice, but alone briefly. In April 2016, the Administration of Homeland Aegis dug in.

To advice the inquiry, the Bacons confused bristles assemblage — two above Bahamian advisers of Nygard and three above girlfriends — to the United States and covered their active expenses. Davis told them that Nygard had “put out hits on them,” several recalled in interviews. Burly bodyguards collection them to altered houses and hotels, swerving through cartage and alteration cars, adage they were actuality followed.

Despite the Bacons’ efforts, the Homeland Aegis analysis fizzled afterwards nine months, abeyant because of “unforeseen circumstances” and “lack of prosecutorial evidence,” according to an bureau email.

Davis angry out to be a fraud. Instead of actuality an ex-spy, he was a above car agent with a cord of debts and bootless businesses. The Bacons had shelled out about $6 million. “I accursed him,” Zack Bacon said.

He anon focused on a lawsuit, acquisitive to draw on the #MeToo movement and “the best advancing attorneys in the world,” Zack Bacon said in a recording provided to The Times.

By aftermost summer, Smith and the clandestine lath had alien about 15 Bahamian women to American attorneys at the DiCello Levitt Gutzler firm. They were planning to accompany a accusation in New York, breadth Nygard’s aggregation had its accumulated headquarters. His account afraid alfresco a flagship abundance abreast Times Square, aureate anatomy flexing.

At Smith’s suggestion, six women went to the Bahamian badge — a big step, as law administration is advised the best base accessible academy in the country, according to a 2017 Transparency International study, and sex crimes are awfully underreported. Alone 55 rapes were tallied there in 2018, while Cleveland, with a agnate population, had 585. The Bahamian badge are still investigating.

The belief echoed one another. The accusation would afterwards affirmation that women were sodomized and affected into added acts they begin degrading.

One woman, now complex in the suit, told The Times she was 14 aback she met Nygard at one of his food in 2015; she has a photo with him that day. She said she was afterwards arrive for a clay account at Nygard Cay, breadth he assaulted her. She said she had never told anyone what happened.


Another woman in the clothing said in an account that she was 14 aback she abounding a baby affair in 2011, afterwards her mother asked Nygard to sponsor her in a adorableness pageant. “Is this what my activity can be?” she recalled cerebration of the models in the room.

Her bottle of wine never seemed to empty, she said. Later, she recalled, she swallowed pills Nygard told her models took. Then, she said, he took her admiral and raped her. Drawn by the money and affiance of clay gigs, she afterwards returned, recruiting added women, she said.

Tamika Ferguson begin her way to Nygard Cay in 2004 afterwards actuality kicked out of aerial school. An drop from a poor neighborhood, she said a DJ had arrive her to a baby party. She drank too abundant and concluded up in a bath barefoot in her bikini, she said. Aback she emerged, her accompany had gone. She said Nygard steered her admiral and raped her.

Ferguson said she alternate assorted times and had sex with Nygard because she acquainted she couldn’t say no; he beatific bodies to her home to aces her up. She gave The Times two photographs of herself at Nygard Cay; three bodies — a above Nygard girlfriend, an ex-employee and a bedfellow — said they remembered her there.

“He messed with my accomplished life,” said Ferguson, now 32. “And everybody knew what was activity on except for me.”


A Allowance From Our Boss’

For years, Nygard had insisted that Louis Bacon paid bodies to lie about him. The barrier armamentarium architect maintained that wasn’t true.

But his aggregation created vulnerabilities, giving money and ability to assemblage and accusers in the Bahamas, The Times found. Bacon and his brother said they were blind of any ability and payments, and bidding aplomb in Smith’s professionalism.

The Bahamian attorneys and lath were not paid by the Bacons directly. Instead, they were paid by a nonprofit Smith created, declared Sanctuary, to abutment animal advance victims; both he and Bacon donated abundantly to that.

“They are handing the actor arguments,” said Jeanne Christensen, a New York advocate absorption on animal harassment.

The clandestine lath and Smith compensated two assemblage who begin declared victims: Litira Fox, a above adherent of Nygard’s who said she recruited for him, and Richette Ross, a above beating therapist at Nygard Cay who said she did the same.

Ross did well. Afterwards she told Smith that alien assailants had attempt up her above home, dead her ancestors dog and bankrupt into her car in altered incidents, Smith confused her into a gated community, advantageous $5,000 a month.

The adventure was familiar: She had told a aberration to Nygard two years earlier, emails show. “I beatific you money to buy a new dog,” Nygard wrote afterwards his aggregation active her about $10,000.

“Call badge immediately,” he said. “Put in a allegation adjoin BACON.”

Smith additionally gave Ross $500 a anniversary to assignment on addition abeyant accusation adjoin Nygard, this one for abode abuses.

Accusers accustomed abate payments. Fox, who becoming $2,000 a month, said she anesthetized some of that to the women she brought to affairs with attorneys and lath — generally $200 for a visit. Smith accustomed giving about $1,000 collectively to four or bristles declared victims, but said that was for their time and expenses.

Im not activity to accord them $100 to lie, for advantage sake,” he said.

There were added abundant gifts. Deidre Miller said Fox arrive her to the Baha Mar affluence resort in August 2018 to accommodated with investigators. She was a admired attestant — she would afterwards acquaint The Times she had anachronous Nygard for years and had apparent two teenagers in his bed, one in her academy uniform.

Afterward, Miller said, the lath took her and Fox to the resort’s Cartier store. There, she said, the men bought anniversary woman a analogous 18-carat gold armlet and chaplet for $9,350. Miller provided a photo of the receipt, admitting the man whose name was on it denied authoritative the purchase.

“He was like, ‘It’s a allowance from our boss,’” Miller recalled. “They said they were alive for Louis Bacon.”

The Lie

For added than a year, Marvinique Smith and her sister, Marrinique, were axial to the developing lawsuit.

They told their belief again to lawyers, lath and the Bahamian police. Marvinique said she was arrive to a baby affair in 2010, aback she was 15. There, she said, Nygard talked to her about clay and had sex with her. Her sister anecdotal a alarming tale: Nygard had raped her as cartoons played on TV. She said she was 10.

But in October, the sisters told a actual altered adventure to Times reporters: They had never been assaulted by Nygard. They had never alike met him. They claimed Ross had paid them to accomplish aggregate up.

Marvinique Smith said Ross appropriate she ability aggregate as abundant as a half-million dollars in a settlement, and again could accord Ross a cut.

She accomplished them on Nygard’s auto lines, bedchamber blueprint and animal proclivities, the sisters said. Meanwhile, she gave them banknote — $150 here, $350 there — for every meeting, they said.

Smith said she accepted to lying because Ross, who was dating her boyfriend’s father, chock-full advantageous her. She and her sister acquainted accusable and scared. “I couldn’t do it anymore,” Smith said, adding, “There ability be girls that it absolutely happened to, but it didn’t appear to me and my sister.”

Ross denied advantageous anyone to assemble belief about Nygard, and anesthetized a lie-detector analysis to that effect, according to Robert Ennis, a polygrapher assassin by her lawyers.

In an interview, she speculated that Nygard had paid the Smith sisters to abjure — a angle they rejected.

Ross had bearding access with added women she brought to the lawyers. Two were relatives. Two were accompanying to a abutting friend. All were included as plaintiffs in the lawsuit.

She had additionally beatific a agenda to a above Nygard employee, allurement to allocution about the case. “It will pay actual handsomely,” she wrote. Aback asked about that, Ross said she meant it would pay in “justice.”


Since the American attorneys filed the suit, they said, they’ve accustomed calls from added than three dozen women alleging corruption as far aback as the 1970s. The new allegations, mainly from women in Canada and the U.S., appearance their case has annihilation to do with the neighbors’ feud, the attorneys said.

It’s a acceptable cause, behindhand of what you anticipate may accept been the motivation,” said Greg Gutzler, the advance advocate in the lawsuit. He said his firm, which operates on accident and has no banking ties to Bacon, had done its own analysis and never paid any accuser or witness. The attorneys achievement the affirmation will become a chic action.

Facing acknowledged troubles over his property, Nygard hasn’t been to the Bahamas in added than a year. Alike as he afresh abounding a appearance appearance belted by models in Canada, he insisted he was too ill to biking to the Bahamas for cloister hearings.

Eric Gibson, a above Nygard agent and longtime friend, declared The Times on his behalf. He said Nygard was a “kind, conscientious” man who would not accept afflicted anyone.

“Women in the Bahamas bandy themselves at Peter Nygard,” Gibson said. “He is the one that all the girls appetite to be with.”


A Brief History of a Feud


A FIRE RAGES: A bonfire damaged Nygard Cay, the home Peter Nygard had congenital over 25 years. Authorities said it was accidental, apparently an electrical issue; Nygard’s advisers said their bang-up abhorrent a neighbor, Louis Bacon.


THE START OF THE WAR: Aback Nygard was denied a admittance to rebuild, he sued Bacon for changes he’d fabricated to their aggregate driveway. Again he sued the government. The badge raided Bacon’s home, hunting for “military-grade speakers” he’d reportedly aimed at Nygard’s property.


KKK RALLIES: Protesters in Nassau, the Bahamas’ capital, accused Bacon of actuality a affiliate of the Ku Klux Klan. Two men afterwards told Bacon’s lath that Nygard had paid them to adapt the rallies — and gave them money to pay protesters.


INQUIRIES BEGIN … AND END: Bacon and his brother assassin a aegis abutting to advance American law administration agencies to investigate Nygard on allegations of sex trafficking. Over the abutting two years, assemblage adjourned by Bacon met with the FBI and the Administration of Homeland Security. No accuse were filed.


THE HIT LIST: Afterwards clandestine lath claimed to accept baldheaded a murder-for-hire plot, Bacon and his assembly sued Nygard and his advocate in the Bahamas for “conspiring to murder, assassinate, kill, injure, threaten, harass” them.


BUILDING THE CASE: Attorneys and lath in the Bahamas started interviewing women who claimed to accept been assaulted by Nygard. Abounding said they had been teenagers. An American law abutting agreed to booty the case.


LAWSUIT FILED: American attorneys filed a accusation adjoin Nygard on account of 10 women who said he had sexually assaulted them.

— Kim Barker

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