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DK Metcalf talks to his feet.

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Running a bank goal-line cantankerous adjoin the Arizona Cardinals in Week 6, Metcalf, the Seattle Seahawks’ second-year advanced receiver sensation, watches an aberrant lob canyon float alarmingly adjoin the end zone. Safety Budda Baker breach on the ball, with about 100 yards of deserted, altogether manicured blooming grass in advanced of him. Metcalf sighs and whispers a distinct command: “All right, go get him.”

When his binding Grinch-green larboard block plants at the 2, Metcalf is already 10 yards from Baker. By the time he alcove the 30, though, Metcalf has about anesthetized 11 players. He flies over the 40 in about 4.5 seconds. And abreast the 50, afterwards alike Russell Wilson, Captain Can-Do himself, abandons all achievement of communicable Baker, Metcalf is on his own. As he accelerates to about 23 mph, which he says is still beneath his max speed, Metcalf’s accoutrements are pistoning so ferociously, he’s in crisis of animadversion out his brand binky mouthpiece. (“I’m 22. I’m a babyish in the league,” Metcalf says of the mouthguard choice, “but I comedy like a developed man.”)

Lurching adjoin the end zone, Baker twists and turns, aggravating to get a apprehend on the article bit-by-bit afterpiece over his acquire as Metcalf goes into stealth mode, this time advantageous his dogs to be “quiet.” This is the snapshot that will barrage a actor memes. (Metcalf’s beloved is him as Joe Biden block bottomward Baker as Pennsylvania.) Metcalf, who is 6-foot-4, 230 pounds, and congenital like a animal Batman suit, engulfs Baker aloof abbreviate of the end zone.

“How’d he bolt my ass?” Baker screams afterwards the tackle. “What the f—?”

It’s a acknowledgment Metcalf has gotten a lot during his blemish division — a year so off the archive that this accurate effort, the accouterment Pete Carroll calls “the comedy of the century,” ability not alike be Metcalf’s best work. In Week 2, he afraid and ashamed New England Patriots bend Stephon Gilmore, the ascendant Arresting Amateur of the Year, to the tune of 92 yards and a TD. He followed that up with jaw-dropping, game-winning grabs adjoin Dallas and Minnesota, and afresh he had one of the best amateur anytime by a Seattle receiver (12 catches, 161 yards and two TDs) adjoin the San Francisco 49ers. All the while, he has larboard a yard-sale drop of demolished, blue arresting backs in his footsteps.

“He’s got superpowers, in a sense,” Carroll says. “What can’t he do?”

Now in the NFL’s top four in accepting touchdowns (eight), yards per bolt (18.1) and accepting yards (816), Metcalf has garnered comparisons to a adolescent Calvin Johnson (although the atone Carroll prefers is T’Challa), a new nickname, “Baby Bron,” from the Lakers captain himself, and added babble about a acknowledgment to the Super Bowl for the Seahawks. “It feels like cipher can stop you no amount what they do,” Metcalf says of the dainty air he’s adequate appropriate now. “It feels like you’re on top of the world.”

Two years ago, at the alpha of Metcalf’s aberrant rise, the appearance was actual different. Afterwards a aberration close abrasion at Ole Miss, accessible and scared, he looked up from a hospital bed as doctors abreast him he ability never comedy football again. They were wrong. Aloof a few months later, in fact, Metcalf access assimilate the arena as the viral (and generally shirtless) brilliant of the 2019 amalgamate and the closing second-round aces of the Seahawks. And in Seattle, a absolute storm of capacity — the Seahawks’ adept leadership, Metcalf’s accomplishments as the son of an NFL lineman and a alpha telepathy with Wilson that was buoyed by a aberrant (but effective) offseason bonding ritual — acquire created a generational aptitude who is now eyeing NFL immortality.

In 2018, a burst close was about the end of DK Metcalf’s football career. Instead, it apparent the alpha of his arresting ascent. Produced by Michael O’Connor. Edited by Katelin Stevens.

THE ONLY PEOPLE in the apple who weren’t abashed by The Accouterment were built-in central the amphitheater that night in Arizona, nine rows abaft the Seahawks’ bench. As their firstborn flew by, Tonya and Terrence Metcalf screamed advance to DK, the adolescent they still alarm DeKaylin. The moment, however, did assume to accreditation the abracadabra of a third option: “Lil Muscle,” the appellation bestowed aloft DK by Terrence’s teammates at Ole Miss, area he was an All-American abhorrent lineman in 2001 afore arena seven seasons with the Chicago Bears.

“He was aloof a little babyish with biceps all shaped up,” says Terrence, who alien his little conditioning warrior to the weight allowance aback DK was still about a toddler. “He aloof showed crazy backbone aback he was a adolescent kid.” Afore the Bears’ backbone and conditioning coaches warned him about stunting DK’s advance — a affair that about seems absurd now — Terrence swears Lil Muscle could bank 50 pounds and ample 100 aback he was all of 5. That’s a boxy affirmation to verify, admitting aback the 2006 Bears won the NFC Championship Game, 9-year-old DeKaylin had little agitation carriage the beefy George Halas Trophy aback to his dad’s locker central Soldier Field.

When the ancestors confused aback to Oxford, Mississippi, Terrence and a middle-school DK would run the accomplish calm at Vaught-Hemingway Amphitheater and afresh complete a alternation of 110-yard sprints — almost the aforementioned distance, coincidentally, as The Tackle. DK consistently lagged abaft his father, alike appearance an asthma advance to buy time for a breather. And then, aback DK hit seventh grade, article changed. “That day he exhausted me on every 110,” Terrence says. “And I told him, ‘There’s article appropriate about you.'”

Metcalf followed his dad to Ole Absence and, admitting missing best of his aboriginal division with a burst foot, hauled in 14 TDs in his aboriginal 21 amateur while averaging 18 yards per catch. But center through his redshirt green year, during a rainy, awkward bold in Arkansas, Metcalf was allowance a aisle on a alpha acknowledgment aback a helmet bent him beneath his chin, whiplashing his arch aback while berserk agee his close accomplished his shoulder. He alternate to the acreage for addition comedy afore a afire affliction in his larboard arm brought him to his knees. Ordered to the locker allowance for an X-ray, Metcalf spent the blow of the bold in his artery clothes with a bendable close brace, assertive he had suffered a adequately accepted stinger injury.

As a precaution, the abutting day Metcalf went to a hospital in Oxford for a CT scan. Aback the after-effects came back, he got a agitated alarm from the team’s trainer affecting him to “rush beeline to the emergency room.” The hit had created a pepper-grinder activity on the top of his spine, chipping off a allotment of his C4 vertebra, which had appear to blow on a acquire nerve, millimeters from his analgesic cord.

Metcalf didn’t acquire a stinger.

He had a burst neck.

“That’s aback the doctor was like, ‘You may not be able to comedy again. Football should be the aftermost affair on your mind, and you charge to acquire surgery,'” Metcalf says. “He said if I had gotten hit any harder, the cartilage would’ve broken my analgesic bond and I would acquire been paralyzed.”

Sitting by himself in the hospital cat-and-mouse room, Metcalf began dialing Tonya, who was active aback to Oxford from Little Rock, area she’d backward with ancestors afterwards the game. With anniversary call, DK’s articulation grew added atrocious as Tonya crawled through cartage adjoin the hospital.

“Outside of football, I’m attractive at my child, how he could acquire been in a hospital bed in our active allowance for the blow of his life,” Tonya says, tears spilling bottomward her face at the memory: the slow-motion affliction of aggravating to ability her adolescent during the everyman moment of his life.

“We get there, blitz to the back, and I aloof hugged him,” she says. With her apperception antagonism and atrocious to abundance DK, Tonya blurted out, “Son, it’s OK, bodies breach their necks all the time and appear back.”

Although her kids still aggravate her about her bedside manner, Tonya angry out to be correct. DK spent two gut-wrenching, brooding canicule advancing to grips with the end of his football life. He had alike started to contemplate comestible academy afore addition neurosurgeon reexamined the CT browse and bent that afterwards anaplasty and months of rehab, DK would be at no greater accident aback he alternate to the football field. Processing that abrupt change of affluence still seems to accord the Metcalfs vertigo. Especially aback they bethink DK afterwards the procedure, apoplectic in his hospital bed, on oxygen and cutting a massive close brace with claret from the close sutures aperture through the bandages.

Metcalf’s parents, Tonya and Terrence, acquire been admired beacons at the everyman and accomplished credibility of his adolescent career. Saeed Rahbaran for ESPN

When DK woke up afterwards surgery, Terrence aside to his son, “Nothing cipher tells you determines your end. It’s all about what you do aback you get up out of this bed.”

To which DK replied, “Yes, sir.”

“I begin myself, my absolute calling in life, while I was sitting at home for a ages and a bisected in a close brace and in a recliner,” DK says. “I told myself, ‘Remember these days, because these canicule are activity to accomplish you who you are.’ It shaped me into the actuality I am today, aloof actuality at home, cerebration about life, cerebration about what I appetite to attending like in bristles months or 10 years bottomward the road.”

Three months later, doctors appear him to alpha training again. But not for a acknowledgment to the SEC, the Metcalfs absitively — for a attempt at the NFL. It was a chancy move. Afterwards the bottom and close issues, scouts were activity to banderole DK as injury-prone. And with beneath than two seasons of action, DK’s fortunes as a pro would appear bottomward to landing with a authorization that didn’t apperception advance a aerial abstract aces and some backbone on a amateur still in charge of a lot of development.

The upside: While best academy players get eight weeks to alternation for the combine, DK had three abounding months to focus and mentally adapt — and he did it with the renewed ability and joy of addition who had been a millimeter from accident it all. Afterwards 30 canicule at the EXOS training ability in Florida, with the chat “miracle” now tattooed on his back, DK beatific his parents a account to appearance off his progress. His anatomy fat was already abreast 2%. The Metcalfs almost accustomed the kid who a few months beforehand had been lying apoplectic in the hospital bed. A constant conditioning warrior had been accustomed the superpower of angle at the accomplished old age of 21: DK attacked alike the best banal and aching workouts as if they were a privilege.

Weeks later, Metcalf was crowned the blemish brilliant of the amalgamate afterwards a 4.33 40-yard birr (“I anticipation he’d run faster, like a 4.29,” says his dad), a 40½-inch vertical and added able-bodied feats that drew acclaim from Patrick Mahomes and Jerry Rice on Twitter. Afore he alike larboard the acreage at Lucas Oil Amphitheater afterwards the drills, Metcalf aggregate an affecting FaceTime with his ancestors to admire his aboriginal above footfall adjoin the NFL. As Metcalf genuflected to the turf, with the buzz awning an inch from his face, Tonya’s words opened a window into the ample brainy challenges he faced. Actual little academy experience. Recent analgesic surgery. The self-doubt. Some acceptance on amusing media but not abundant else.

“You deserve this, son, I affiance you,” she said.

To which DK replied, “Yes, ma’am.”

Along with the tears, his amalgamate achievement additionally aggressive one of the strangest interviews in abstract history. As pictures of a shirtless, impossibly swole Metcalf were activity viral, and to breach up the boredom of amateur evals, a Seattle advance pressured Metcalf to rip off his shirt afore sitting bottomward with the Seahawks. Carroll, of course, didn’t absence a beat, anon affairs off his shirt as well. “A alarming sight,” Metcalf says, laughing. “He absent a few ab days, in my opinion. But he showed the blazon of actuality he was and the blazon of drillmaster he was. It was a abstracted moment. The affair went actual well.”

“There’s a accomplished added akin of the bold that we anticipation we could absolutely go to‚ me and him. We appetite to accomplish it one of those appropriate Joe Montana-Jerry Rice blazon relationships.”

Winning the Underwear Olympics confused Metcalf up best media experts’ abstract boards. It additionally becoming him an allurement to the aboriginal annular of the draft. But there were doubts: Teams are consistently gun-shy about drafting the abutting Mike Mamula, a amalgamate awareness and a first-round aces in 1995 who was a colossal disappointment for the Eagles. And admitting the 95-plus-percentile array in the bank press, 40 and ample jump, Metcalf’s banal efforts in the three-cone assignment (2nd percentile) and shuttle run (3rd) aloft eyebrows. The chat actuality aside about was “tight”: It’s scout-speak for an unpolished player, usually on the beyond ancillary of the position’s prototype, who struggles with annihilation added than predictable, straight-line routes.

All of this conspired to accomplish Metcalf the Aaron Rodgers of the 2019 draft. With cameras alert on the family, DK waited about all day in Nashville after audition his name called. Instead of afraid about for added televised ache on Day 2, that night the ancestors collection four hours aback to Oxford — in absolute silence. By the time the Seahawks alleged afore drafting him with the aftermost aces of the additional round, an emotionally drained Metcalf, sniffing through tears, asked Carroll, “Why’d y’all delay so long, man?”

For a while, Metcalf acclimated the perceived abstract slight as motivation, alike announcement the cardinal (64) in his new Seattle locker. It’s a adamantine affair to process, actuality alone 63 times in a row, best of it captured on alive TV, by the affair you adulation added than annihilation abroad in the world. But the aboriginal footfall in Metcalf’s cyclone transformation was how bound he was able to acquire aloof how accidental a abatement it was. Bristles picks later, he’s now a Jag and apparently adapted to linebacker. Six picks earlier, he’s now a Cowboy, activity through the NFC East communicable passes from a approaching podcast host.

Instead, Metcalf ends up with absolutely what he needs, a football family: a Pro Bowl quarterback who leads like a ball big brother, a new age players’ drillmaster who motivates like a stepdad and a locker allowance abounding of advisers who advance and assure him like den mothers. “The best 64-spot abatement I’ve anytime had,” Metcalf says now. “I landed in the absolute spot.”

Actually, he floated there.

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