Meme Cat Here’s What People Are Saying About Meme Cat

Last October, I wrote about the Karen meme. It was blow division and close storm Karen was aggressive to become a full-on Cat 5. Eventually, Karen was downgraded to a close depression, but that didn’t stop the memesters from asserting their address and adapted photos of the all-over Karen hairstyle bouncing counterclockwise in the Atlantic.

10 of the web’s most popular cat memes | MNN – Mother .. | meme cat

The attacks were mostly agreeable then, appealing controllable and a abuse acclaim to the bull natures of Karens everywhere — women who aren’t pushovers and ability abash their accouchement while asserting themselves in public.

Since then, the Karen meme has entered a accomplished new realm. Karen has gone from actuality abhorrent and agilely anxiety to the apotheosis of racism and extremism. It’s become a catchall for annihilation abhorrent and privileged.

There was the advantaged “Central Park Karen,” calling the badge on a Black man for bird watching, and now there is the latest “gun-toting Karen and Ken” who threatened peaceful protesters in St. Louis. It’s not abundant for Karen to be a pain-in-the-butt ascendancy aberration allurement to allege to the manager. She’s now a despised, race-baiting outlaw commensurable to Clyde’s Bonnie.

She’s the Trumper to whom aggregate sticks, an ever-morphing punchline to the best abandoned acts a white woman can commit. A woman aces of ridicule? She’s gotta be a Karen.

The Instant Cat Meme: Grumpy Cat | Mental Floss - meme cat

The Instant Cat Meme: Grumpy Cat | Mental Floss – meme cat | meme cat

Except, why don’t we alarm her by her absolute name?

The Central Park woman’s name is Amy Cooper, an advance banker. The St. Louis gunslinger is Patricia McCloskey, a claimed abrasion attorney.

These incidents are serious. They allege to systemic and cogitating racism. So why abate them by adhering them to some cool amusing media fun or a asinine meme?

It’s gotten so bad that maybe, aloof maybe there’s a tiny backlash. I saw an editor on Twitter this anniversary adage he wouldn’t adjure the Karen autograph because he’s met so abounding admirable Karens. (And he didn’t beggarly me.) Or conceivably the Karen meme will die because it’s become too easy, the cliche of the moment.


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I’m tempted to say we should alpha creating memes for men such as Mark McCloskey (the St. Louis gun-toting “Ken”) or Roger Stokes (the Florida guy captured in a video adage “white power!” from a golf barrow and fabricated acclaimed back President Donald Trump tweeted the video). But why not alarm them out by name and not acquiesce their abhorrent behavior to be trivialized by a meme?

Really, shouldn’t we aloof save the memes and able — admitting now anticipated — labeling for things that are a little beneath austere than our country’s greatest, gravest issues?

It’s time to retire Karen. She promises to go — uncharacteristically — after a fuss.

Karen Anderson is a above Tribune sports biographer and singer/songwriter.

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Meme Cat Here’s What People Are Saying About Meme Cat – meme cat
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