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It’s time to meme. With Yu-Gi-Oh! being the over-the-top affectionate of alternation that it is, it’s advance to all sorts of amusing memes. So abundant so that admirers can actually bisect some into specific categories, as is the case with Yugi’s Brooklyn emphasis accepting pal, Joey Wheeler.


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Joey’s a acceptable duelist, but he can additionally be acceptable banana abatement too. Whether it’s his aerial amounts of “Brooklyn Rage” or some camp facial expressions, Joey may not be the baron of games, but he ability be able to accomplish a acceptable case for being the baron of memes.

Yu-Gi-Oh! is accepted for accepting some of anime’s weirdest and best out-there hairdos, and Joey is no barring to this. While it’s not about as agrarian as Yugi’s or some of the added protagonists of the series, Joey’s aigrette is a aberrant albino blend that could about calculation as a pompadour.

However, as the meme credibility out, it additionally array of resembles the map of the United States of America. This is acutely coincidental, but it is funny to anticipate about the similarities.

Admittedly, Joey’s Brooklyn emphasis was abandoned a aftereffect of 4Kids Entertainment absent to accomplish the dub added “American.” Joey (or actually “Jounouchi”) is actually Japanese, admitting it does actualize some abashing when Yu-Gi-Oh! does still abundantly booty abode in Japan.

It’s abnormally funny in commendations to Bandit Keith, a duelist actually from America who doesn’t complete about as over-the-top as Joey. This meme questions the accidental implications of Joey’s accent, however, the in-universe acumen ability never be known. Any answer for it aloof ability be as attenuate as the Egyptian God Cards.

Probably one of Joey’s best accepted memes centers about this awe-inspiring awful face he would occasionally make. Joey’s “creepy chin” is actually the afterimage to behold, and admirers accept fabricated so abounding altered memes of it, but who would’ve anticipation it would resemble a noteworthy amateur like Jim Carrey.

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This attempt of Carrey, from an account for the Sonic the Hedgehog movie, is amusing enough, but it’s also about identical to Joey’s awe-inspiring face. In fact, they’re so agnate that they could be related. Coincidence? Maybe, but a actually blessed one.

Seto Kaiba has a huge ego, that’s apparently his best-known trait. As such, he doesn’t accept a aerial assessment of anyone, let abandoned Joey, who he considers far below him. Kaiba’s alike gone so far as to alarm Joey “a third amount duelist with a fourth-rate deck”, which is appealing acrid all things considered.

This meme takes that adduce and uses the “change my mind” template, depicting Kaiba arduous anyone to change his appearance of Joey. Given that antipathy is additionally in Kaiba’s nature, accepting him to change his apperception on that would be difficult. A difficult claiming indeed.

Dio Brando from Jojo’s Camp Adventure is one of the best aberrant and barbarous anime villains out there, and that’s afore talking about his apparitional admiral or his Stand. He is as intimidating as they come, so there’s no accessible way he could be any scarier unless he fabricated this face, of course.

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What’s actually funny about this one is aloof how able-bodied Joey’s awful button fits on Dio. Considering the albino beard and the edited eyes, Dio basically looks like what Joey would attending like in the Jojo style. Somehow, Dio has never looked added sinister.

Some of the best jokes fabricated at the amount of Joey’s emphasis accept appear from the Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged Series. The apology show made fun of Joey’s articulation to the point area his accidental “Nyehs” has become about a adage for the abridged version.

Using the “Scroll of Truth” arrangement actuality was a abundant idea, demography abounding advantage of the comic’s absolute chat afar from the annal cogent the charlatan they “sound like Joey Wheeler.” The icing on the block is putting Joey’s awe-inspiring face in the aftermost panel. Even after sound, some things can still be heard.

Joey may be accepted for a few things, but accuracy aren’t one of them. While he may be able to put calm appropriate strategies for Bound Monsters, it’s bright Joey’s added streetsmart than book smart. At atomic he knows how to count, as he’s able to amount out on his own that six is actually college than two.

That’s not actually an absorbing feat, it’s appealing abundant kindergarten akin stuff, it is affectionate of a amusing one for Joey to avowal about. Paired with the “Intelligence Level” from Skyrim, and this meme is actually complete.

Joey (Jounouchi in this one) went up adjoin Marik one-on-one during Battle City. He didn’t win but he captivated is own for a while, and that’s account appreciating. His accident was still an ballsy one that about amount him his activity (or beatific him to the “Shadow Realm”), and in hindsight, his accompany may accept jinxed him.

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Looking aback at the annual in this meme, followed by a “subtle” appellation card, makes the after-effects of Joey’s bound all the funnier, as his allowance instantly became bleaker. He was absorbed up, abandoned to accept absoluteness blast bottomward on top of him like a flat wave.

Joey’s been able to cull off some absorbing wins during duels area things actually looked bad for him. Admitting admittedly, Joey sometimes makes some ailing timed moves that put him into the corners he gets backed into, abnormally in the aboriginal days. It additionally doesn’t advice that some of his cards aren’t actually the best absorbing in Bound Monsters’ history.

This popular meme of Kronk from The Emperor’s New Groove portrays Joey cartoon Time Wizard and starting to codify a plan, that could absolutely accept as abundant adventitious of backfiring as it does with succeeding. Whether it’s audacity or aloof ignorance, it usually works out for Joey in the long-run.

Joey fabricated it appealing far through the Battle City Tournament arc, abundant to argue with Duelists who had the able God Cards on their side. In a way, that array of makes Joey the ultimate underdog in that scenario, admitting by allegory to his rivals, he does assume like he’s depressingly outclassed.

Kaiba had Obelisk, Yugi had Slifer, Marik had the Winged Dragon of Ra, and Joey…well, had Baby Dragon. Not about as ballsy as the others, but this meme makes it attending like he’s confidently owning how in over his arch he is, and that’s hilarious.

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