Memento Mori What Makes Memento Mori So Addictive That You Never Want To Miss One?

Phoebe Cummings’ beauteous abandoned exhibition, “Cut,” was swept up in the coronavirus closures two months ago and has been in limbo, at the city L.A. arcade A-B Projects, anytime back — arresting online but not in person.

SPECIMEN: Memento Mori | REMEDIA - memento mori

SPECIMEN: Memento Mori | REMEDIA – memento mori | memento mori

The appearance is ashore in the elements: earth, air, blaze and water. Beyond a abysmal acoustic connection, the exhibition elicits the transcendent. Cummings’approach to the empiric lies about amid poetry, concrete science and abstract fiction.

The British artisan fabricated the sculptural works on site, application raw adobe that will shrink, abound breakable and abide to afford brittle $.25 during the show’s run. On a baby board shelf sits a allotment with two stems arising from a distinct chunky, tendril-draped base. Smoke-gray candles, afire during my visit, acceleration from the centers of two flowers, whose stems sprout aerial leaves with arise edges. The active of two added spiky-petaled blossoms bend downward. Clinging to the abject are several cardboard ripples that advance bane from corrupt wood.

The allotment is astonishingly beautiful, a floral still activity as keepsake mori — a admonition of the conciseness of adorableness and activity itself — but one that additionally enacts its own passing. Mortality is a activating process, whether for breathing beings or altar accedence to decay, and Cummings’ unfired sculptures are both emblematic of, and actualize, that arresting dynamism.

A two-piece installation, rendered in a gray ceramics clay, speaks to the show’s title, “Cut.”

(Esteban Pulido)

The added assignment actuality has two parts, a abounding axis with a conical array of flowers and the abject of the bulb from which it appears to accept been severed. The blossom stem, almost human-height, leans adjoin the gallery’s advanced window, its activity force seeping into a dabble of aqueous adobe and baptize on the floor. The base, circuitous in coarse roots, stands on a abrupt patch, a arid butt absolutely actually axis to dust.

Rendered in a gray ceramics clay, with abounding affirmation of the artist’s hand, these angled botanical specimens apprehend as distillations, physically awe-inspiring but additionally shadow-like, connected traces of forms we apperceive to be chromatically added vibrant. The appearance is absolutely blue-blooded “Cut.” Whether apropos to the truncated annual or the accustomed command to append filming — or an in-person arcade exhibition — the appellation suggests a abeyance in time, a reduction.

Heat lamps and basins of water, in a belted off area of the gallery, actualize a hothouse atmosphere.

(Esteban Pulido)

Part of the arcade amplitude has been belted off with a copse anatomy and artificial sheeting. Heat lamps and basins of baptize actualize a humid, hothouse atmosphere. Together, this allowance and the sculptures on the added ancillary of the bank advertence a 2018 accession by Cummings at an academy in Leeds, U.K.

The articulation amid the beforehand appearance and the accepted one feels angled but not altogether irrelevant. On a bank in the warm, clammy “reading room,” is a album with Cummings’ own brief, bitty abstraction of the beforehand installation.

“In actuality the absolute listens carefully to the imagined,” she writes. They are words that bell eloquently, because the conciseness on appearance at A-B Projects.

Memento Mori What Makes Memento Mori So Addictive That You Never Want To Miss One? – memento mori
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