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What does Dixie mean, exactly? For about two centuries, the appellation has been broadly activated to the American South, accurately the states that seceded from the Union at the aurora of the Civil War. But depending on who you ask, you ability get abounding altered answers about Dixie’s boundaries and its capital character. “Sociologically, climactically, historically, politically, topographically, and racially, Dixie is a quilt,” wrote Washington Post editor Joel Garreau in his 1981 book The Nine Nations Of North America. “Rigid assay of what constitutes Dixie can advance one to accept that it doesn’t exist, and never did.” Yet Garreau did not draw that conclusion. He accustomed Dixie as beneath a abode than a concept. “Like New England, Dixie is an abstraction that has been about a connected time,” Garreau wrote, “and bodies accept had a lot of time to flavor it, anathema it, adulation it, and leave it.”

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The bandage aforetime accepted as the Dixie Chicks accept absitively to leave it. This was a contempo choice, but in abounding capacities, the superstar country leash larboard Dixie abaft a connected time ago. Geographically, the band’s associates accept all confused west from their aboriginal home abject of Dallas, itself already an beginning on Dixieland’s western fringe. (On the aboriginal folio of his book, Garreau alludes to an abstract bound in Texas “where the borsch of Dixie gives way to the refried beans of Mexico.”) Ideologically, the accumulation has added stood adjoin the acclaimed ethics of the above Confederate states, adjustment itself with accelerating causes at a time aback attention the stars and confined has become a boilerplate bourgeois ideal. The one affair everybody knows about this bandage is that accompanist Natalie Maines told a London admirers in 2003 that the bandage was abashed to be from the aforementioned accompaniment as George W. Bush, aloof canicule afore he beatific troops into Iraq to coursing for absent weapons of accumulation destruction. The account alienated the Chicks from abundant of the country music industry and admirers that already acclaimed them, ultimately alarming 2006’s Grammy-winning celebration Taking The Connected Road.

And again there’s the music. Gaslighter, their aboriginal anthology in 14 years, finds the Chicks added than anytime from the acceptable bluegrass and country they started out arena in 1989, styles that connected to acquaint their complete alike as they became one of the best arresting armament in the country boilerplate about Y2K and, eventually, one of their genre’s crossover success stories. It’s not that they’ve absolutely alone banjo, fiddle, and twangy articulate harmonies, but those synths on “Julianna Calm Down” allege volumes about this articulation of their artistic journey. Alike afore they began alive with Jack Antonoff, a guy with acquaintance allowance country stars advance added into the pop realm, there was a accession airy bisect amid the Chicks’ hits and the birth of cornball “Dixie songs” dating aback to Daniel Decatur Emmett’s 1860 accompanist song “I Wish I Was In Dixie’s Land” — a continuum that stretches up through Southern rockers Little Feat’s 1973 anthology Dixie Chicken, which aggressive the Chicks’ aboriginal nomenclature.

On the added hand, if clearly bottomward Dixie from their bandage name a few weeks afore Gaslighter’s absolution was affectionate of apathetic aural the group’s above narrative, it was additionally a beauteous action afterwards all these years. The about-face was allotment of a broader reckoning about chase and homesickness instigated by the resurgent Black Lives Amount movement, one that affected Americans in accurate to amend their romanticized notions of the South. Despite the foibles that followed, it fabricated faculty for the Chicks’ adolescent crossover country stars Lady Antebellum to let go of a bandage name that glamorized a affiliation congenital on the backs of Black slaves.

“Dixie” addled some bodies as added innocuous, a added accepted complete appellation for the South. Beyoncé featured the Dixie Chicks on Lemonade; how bad could the name be? But as Southern academic Karen L. Cox — a assistant at UNC-Charlotte and the columnist of Dreaming Of Dixie: How The South Was Created In American Accepted Ability — told The New Yorker’s Amanda Petrusich, Dixie “not alone refers to the states of the above Confederacy but is alike with segregation.” For proof, attending no added than the Dixiecrats, the affiliation of Southern Democrats who against the Civil Rights movement in the mid-20th century.

Putting “Dixie” in your bandage name contributes to the aforementioned sanitized eyes of Southern ability that resulted in the Dukes Of Hazzard allotment their car afterwards Robert E. Lee, a accepted apperception that sidesteps or paves over the term’s affiliation with centuries of oppression. “These resonances are allotment of what the Dixie Chicks alleged aback they alleged the name, whether they advised to or not,” UC Davis history assistant Gregory Downs told Petrusich in the aforementioned article. “It’s important that they — and anybody who accustomed that bulletin of white Southern pride — anticipate about what they took on.” Having anticipation about it a lot in the deathwatch George Floyd’s killing and the cultural sea change that followed, the Chicks concluded their three-decade affiliation with “Dixie” and the animal history it connotes. Their account on the amount was abbreviate and sweet: “We appetite to accommodated this moment.”

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As Gaslighter demonstrates, these women accept a lot of acquaintance abandoning afflictive decisions and acid ties with the added baneful aspects of their pasts. It is a annulment anthology through and through, one that showcases the abounding spectrum of affect that follows in the deathwatch of infidelity: anger, sorrow, confusion, resilience. All three Chicks accept been through divorces over the years, but Maines’ adventure in accurate defines the album. Pieced calm from lyrics above assorted songs, it appears that her ex-husband, Profit/Heroes/Near Dark/Carlito’s Way amateur Adrian Pasdar, agitated on a abstruse accord with accession affiliated woman, aria about it for some time, and banned to apologize aback he was caught. Allegedly, the added woman larboard her tights on Maines’ boat, a book that conjures images of Tony Soprano romancing mistresses on the Stugots. “My husband’s girlfriend’s bedmate aloof alleged me, how messed up is that?” Maines sings on the whoa-oh canticle “Sleep At Night” (as in “How do you beddy-bye at night?”) She continues, “It’s so batty that I accept to laugh/ But again I anticipate about our two boys aggravating to become men/ There’s annihilation funny about that.”

With a appellation that evokes Lauren Duca’s viral pre-inauguration Teen Vogue commodity “Donald Trump Is Gaslighting America” and complete beef songs like “March March,” I initially feared Gaslighter would abstract off the aftermost four years of hashtag activism, the audio agnate of liberals proudly tweeting about “Drumpf” above with a Netflix rom-com about putting the pieces of your activity aback together. The agreeable of the anthology is far richer than that, abnormally aback heard in the ambience of the Chicks’ aback catalog. The should’ve-known-better complaining “There’s Your Trouble,” the longing-for-a-real-man absent-mindedness “Cowboy Take Me Away,” the belittling animus fantasy “Goodbye Earl,” the angelic and adamant adjournment “Not Accessible To Accomplish Nice”: They’re all antecedent for this album’s abominable clapbacks and weary laments. The better aberration is that, alike added so than Taking The Connected Road’s acknowledgment to industry-wide betrayal — and let me about-face into my best movie-trailer-guy articulation actuality — this time it’s personal.

Well, that, and this time it’s added absolutely pop. In accession to Antonoff, who has formed carefully with the brand of Taylor Swift, Lorde, and Lana Del Rey on account albums, the Chicks accustomed an arrangement of pro songwriters into their circle. Justin Tranter and Julia Michaels are all over the album, both calm and separately. Teddy Geiger, a key artisan of the aftermost Shawn Mendes album, has autograph and assembly credits on “Sleep At Night.” “March March” includes contributions from Semisonic’s Dan Wilson, who ahead formed with the Chicks on “Not Accessible To Accomplish Nice,” and Ian Kirkpatrick, who cowrote Dua Lipa’s two better hits. Some of the alfresco names skew indie, as able-bodied — Antonoff assistant St. Vincent formed on the acoustic “Young Man,” while Haim/Vampire Weekend mainstay Ariel Rechtshaid had a duke in the gospel-inflected “For Her,” one of several advance with Chad Smith of Red Hot Chili Peppers on drums.

The pop influences don’t consistently aftereffect in apparent Top 40 allurement — a awning of Charlotte Lawrence’s blatant Spotify-core piano carol “Everybody Loves You” nudges the song in a added amoebic administration — but the all-embracing the anthology situates the Chicks’ rootsy signature complete in a added able city context, alike added so than above-mentioned crossover hits like their awning of Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide.” Those who gravitated to Dixie Chicks for their grassroots artful may ache some slight whiplash, but Gaslighter’s complete isn’t a abolitionist leap, abnormally afterwards the Rick Rubin-produced Taking The Connected Road. From those aperture harmonies on the appellation clue onward, the audacity of the group’s songwriting charcoal intact. Strayer’s banjo arena in accurate keeps the bandage tethered to its history, while Maguire’s violin charcoal able of channeling all-inclusive spectrums of emotion, from the begrimed “March March” outro to the apricot active breach on “Hope It’s Something Good.” And Maines charcoal a piercingly absorbing attendance whether accepting accessible and attentive or abracadabra all her ass-kicking vigor.

Gaslighter is an acutely claimed anthology for Maines, so abundant so that Pasdar approved to bar her from absolution it on the area that it ability breach a acquaintance article in their prenup. I can’t allege on his acknowledged argument, but he absolutely had acumen to be anxious about actuality put on bang here. Maines seems to authority annihilation back, whether adulatory Pasdar a aching afterlife and apprehensive who’ll pay his taxes now on “Tights On My Boat” or argumentation with him to end their abiding cloister action on closing clue “Set Me Free.” Yet Gaslighter is an generally black album, one that moves above the capacity of adultery and into the accident of the aftermath. The faculty of 18-carat adventures and real-life stakes area and animates these songs. Absolutely alone on “March March,” aback the Chicks lose that claimed focus, does the anthology alight into sloganeering.

You can feel the affliction coursing through the album, yet Gaslighter is ultimately a forward-focused accumulating with a ambit ample abundant to see the bodies in Maines’ vicinity. “Julianna Calm Down” and “Young Man,” anchored back-to-back abreast the end of the album, are blood-soaked but hopeful addresses to the Chicks’ daughters and sons respectively. There’s alike allowance for a playfully active alms like “Texas Man,” on which Maines begins the chase for a new partner: “If I’m not too abundant for you/ Again assurance me up, assurance me up/ I’m a little bit unraveled/ But I’m ready.” Perhaps best resonant, though, is “My Best Friend’s Wedding,” which puts a added contemplative circuit on the aforementioned concepts. With the accuracy of hindsight, Maines recalls affair Pasdar at her bandmate’s aboriginal bells and flashes advanced 20 years: “I’m aback actuality at my best friend’s wedding/ Yeah, she affiliated again/ I’ve never apparent her attending added happy/ Guess from ashes, we can absolutely grow.” As she processes her own abeyant for renewal, a aisle begins to accessible up in advanced of her. She sounds accessible to let go of the accomplished and move on into some amorphous future. It’s the affectionate of departure that makes alteration a bandage name assume bush by comparison.

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The backward Juice WRLD array the better anthology admission of 2020 this anniversary with afterward anthology Legends Never Die. As Billboard reports, Juice’s LP logged 497,000 agnate anthology units and 209,000 in sales, acceptable his additional #1 anthology on the Billboard 200 afterward aftermost year’s Afterlife Chase For Love. It surpasses the Weeknd’s 444,000-unit admission for Afterwards Hours beforehand this year and is the better one-week complete for an anthology aback Taylor Swift’s Lover debuted with 867,000 units aftermost September.

Legends Never Die additionally acquaint 2020’s better alive anniversary and the fourth better account alive complete of all time — 283,000 alive agnate albums, which equates to 422.63 actor on-demand clue streams. The alone albums to beat that complete are Drake’s Scorpion, Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter V, and Post Malone’s Beerbongs & Bentleys. With Juice WRLD replacing Pop Smoke’s Shoot For The Stars Aim For The Moon aloft the chart, it’s the aboriginal time two afterward releases accept hit #1 in afterwards weeks. Pop Smoke’s anthology is at #2 this week, appearance the aboriginal time afterward albums accept active the top two spots on the chart. Afterwards the Hamilton soundtrack and longstanding hits from Lil Baby, Post Malone, DaBaby, and Harry Styles comes a #8 admission for Summer Walker’s Activity On Earth. The EP tallied 28,000 units and 3,000 in sales, acceptable for Walker’s additional top-10 release. The Weeknd and Polo G abutting out the top 10.

Not alone does Juice WRLD aphorism the anthology chart, he is a ascendant attendance on this week’s Hot 100 singles chart. Although DaBaby and Roddy Ricch’s “Rockstar” holds on to #1 for a sixth week, Juice has bristles songs in the top 10 — a accomplishment alone Drake and the Beatles accept pulled off before, according to Billboard. Juice additionally joins Drake as the alone artisan to admission four songs in the top 10 simultaneously.

Entering at #2 — and attached his antecedent blueprint aiguille “Lucid Dreams” — is the Marshmello collab “Come & Go.” (This additionally ties Marshmello’s Hot 100 peak, which he set with “Happier.”) The Halsey affiliation “Life’s A Mess,” which debuted at #74 aftermost week, shoots up to #9 in its additional anniversary on the chart, acceptable Halsey’s sixth top-10 hit. Meanwhile three added Legends Never Die advance admission in the top 10: “Wishing Well” at #5, “Conversations” at #7, and “Hate The Added Side” featuring Marshmello, Polo G, and the Kid LAROI at #10. The closing clue becomes the aboriginal top-10 hit for Polo G and the Kid LAROI. Juice WRLD’s own account of top-10 hits now stands at eight. As for the blow of the top 10, Jack Harlow’s “What’s Poppin” remix with DaBaby, Tory Lanez, and Lil Wayne holds abiding at #3, followed by the Weeknd’s “Blinding Lights” at #4. Megan Thee Stallion and Beyoncé’s “Savage” avalanche to #6, and finally, SAINt JHN’s “Roses” descends to #8.

Troye Sivan – “Easy”Few pop stars today are authoritative music this stylish.

Jhené Aiko – “Summer 2020″Jhené Aiko, of course, is one of the few.

Anne-Marie – “To Be Young” (Feat. Doja Cat)I will be afraid if either one of these artists can accomplish a hit in the US afterwards a song that doubles as a meme. Also, Anne-Marie analytical into her buzz in the video aloof makes me anticipate about Doja in the ancestral babble apartment assuming feet.

Zedd & Jasmine Thompson – “Funny”Zedd charcoal an complete bang-up at axis developed abreast advance with a access of EDM effervescence.

Powfu – “17again”I see we’ve confused on to absolute Dashboard Confessional parody. “Makes me appetite the times we acclimated to hug”! I cannot accept this is real.

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