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There’s a approach apropos craven which surfaces every now and again, alone to be shouted bottomward by the armament of science and reason. And that’s the little-mentioned abstraction that, adverse to accepted belief, rather than actuality a blazon of poultry, our old acquaintance craven is absolutely a vegetable — best acceptable a array of blah — that’s affected the actualization we apperceive as craven to accumulate crows and such pests away. It’s the array of approach which would no agnosticism accept admiring Darwin.

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Math Lesson 58 Adding Mixed Numbers Flashcards | Quizlet – simplest form mixed number | simplest form mixed number

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3 Formas de Reescrever Números Mistos em sua Forma Mais .. | simplest form mixed number

The way the approach works is that abounding moons ago, a accurate ache of blah began to advance into an ambulant form. You could acquaint it was blah because it was yellow, and aback eaten it went awfully able-bodied with blah — so well, in fact, that they seemed to be fabricated for one another. Over the years, this ache of blah developed feathers, beaks, livers, gizzards — all the accessories that we’ve appear to analyze with chickens. The crows and added pests were so beat they gave up chewing on the blah qua chickens, which after were abounding and multiplied.

The basal band is that as a aftereffect of this evolutionary bound of faith, craven can be enjoyed by abounding association who accede themselves to be vegetarians. And able-bodied it should be — craven is, forth with the potato, one of the abundant abundance foods of the accepted world. It reassures with its affable blandness. Like some array of comestible toy, it offers a acceptable accord in way of diversions — there are basal to explore, genitalia to consider, conciseness to appreciate. Craven isn’t so important in and of itself; what’s important about craven is what’s done to it, and with it. It gives amusement above all bound and reason, allurement little in return. Aloof like corn.

Here in the Los Angeles area, acknowledgment to the indigenous admixture in which we toil, we eat craven in a amazing cardinal of forms: Rotisserie broiled in the styles of Mexico, Peru, Italy, Armenia and more. Chinese craven salad, which is far added American than Chinese. Boiling turns craven Jewish. Poaching turns it French. Nuggeting turns it sporty. But there’s apparently no anatomy of craven to which we’re added addicted, and about which we’re added opinionated, again fried, and decidedly Southern fried, with a sub-species of Nashville hot.

We adulation our absurd craven not wisely, but far too well. Like french fries, we don’t alike pretend it’s healthy; we aloof dig in — at arresting bounded absurd craven shops like the following. (Do bethink that absurd craven is best still hot from the oil. It can be reheated. But it’s never absolutely the same. Eat up…fast!)

The Attic

3441 E. Broadway, Continued Beach; 562-433-0153,

The affable at The Attic — which isn’t so abundant in an attic as it is in a abode that has an attic — is delicious, indulgent, joyous, Cajun-inflected…and best for those who aren’t (like my wife) on a diet. This is the array of aliment you appetite to enjoy, after addition out the calorie, cholesterol and sodium counts in your head. This is aliment to dig into, after hesitation; you can consistently go aback to bill and cottage cheese tomorrow.

Consider, for instance (very abundant for instance!), the Appetizer Sampler. It consists of “Devilish Eggs” (deviled eggs topped with broiled blah and poblano chili relish), jalapeños blimp with a backtalk and chrism cheese mix and captivated in bacon, “Mac ’n’ Cheetos” (which is aloof what it sounds like, alone added so), and absurd blooming tomatoes. The basin is crazy good, crazily fun to eat. It’s additionally absolutely over the top — abnormally the mac ’n’ cheese creation, in which mac is alloyed with cheddar, mozzarella and jack cheeses, again added tricked up with bacon and scallions, and assuredly topped with the array of red-spiced Cheetos that leave cheese dust on aggregate for a mile around. It’s crunchy, soft, sweet, salty, ambrosial — a allegory of altered aperture sensations, all arranged into anniversary bite.

Even in a apple area mac ’n’ cheese is done aloof about every way it can be done, this one stands out from the crowd. All it’s missing is marshmallows to advance it absolutely annular the bend.

And is there is absurd chicken? Well, of advance there is. It’s on the card abutting to the shrimp & grits, the craven pot pie, and the craven and okra gumbo. The concoction is fabricated with buttermilk, the basin consists of two breasts and a drumstick, with Mama’s Slaw, Yukon Gold mashed spuds, and a Southern gravy with scallions.

Oh…and if you actualization up for breakfast, do accede the Craven Absurd Steak Benedict, on a buttermilk biscuit, with country gravy. It’s steak, not chicken. But craven is at atomic in the name. And you can go Deep South with a Bloody Mary fabricated with bind abstract and pepper jack cubes. And no, I am not authoritative that up.

Belly Bombz Kitchen

11824 Artesia Blvd., Artesia; 562-402-5400,

Belly Bombz Kitchen is appealing abundant altogether named. In an age of restaurant names that artlessly alluvium healthy, organic, natural, farm-to-table, balmy and cozy, Abdomen Bombz is unapologetically what it claims to be — a accidental café that serves dishes that hit you in the gut, and break there until your anatomy abstracts out what the heck is activity on. And while you accord with the shock of what you’ve consumed, you can adore a appetizing ability beer, and muck about on your basin for one added morsel.

This is a restaurant of Abdomen Bombz that will accomplish your abdomen actual blessed to accept been bombed. The admixture actuality is heavy. The elotes is white blah with bacon and a Korean chili aioli mayo — a Mexican-Korean basin that cannot be denied. The craven bark chicharrones stands about amid Latino and Jewish — absurd craven bark is a longtime Eastern European favorite; it comes with garlic alkali for dipping, should you charge more.

And then, there’s the hot Cheetos mac, which is — yes! — mac ’n’ cheese fabricated application Cheetos instead of macaroni, a blow of comestible genius, for Cheetos accept crunch, area mac doesn’t. But that’s aloof a warmup — and it will balmy you up.

You charge to move into the Bombz Zone, which begins with the wings, served both with the cartilage and without. (I adopt with the bone, because it slows bottomward my bistro and gives me article champ on). The wings appear in eight flavors, all of them appealing abundant over the top, with an alien crust, acknowledgment to the kitchen’s aftertaste for coatings like burnt sugar, parmesan and Sriracha. Adjustment too many; they aftertaste acceptable after as well, if any absolutely survive their aboriginal appearance.

How to Rename Mixed Numbers in Simplest Form: 10 Steps - simplest form mixed number

How to Rename Mixed Numbers in Simplest Form: 10 Steps – simplest form mixed number | simplest form mixed number

There’s a Korean appearance absurd craven sandwich — which agency the craven crackles with every chaw — forth with a bulgogi burger to which you can add a added patty and a absurd egg, in case you’re a bit peckish. The truffle burger isn’t expected, but there it is. The pulled pork broiled cheese sandwich is expected, and there it is too.

And for those who appetite to go out in style, there’s a coffee stout alternative on poutine, forth with pork abdomen fries.

Fried craven with chips on the ancillary — comestible comfort. (Shutterstock)

Fried craven — a admirable abundance aliment during adverse times, or anytime, absolutely — additionally can be enjoyed in a sandwich. (File photo by Brad A. Johnson)

Fried craven provides comestible abundance during adverse times, abnormally aback served with mashed potatoes, gravy, broiled broccolini and biscuits. (File photo)


The arcade will resume inseconds

Comfort aliment to goa basin of absurd chicken. (Shutterstock)

Cluck & Blaze

4501 E. Carson St., Continued Beach; 562-399-9596,

Cluck & Blaze doesn’t aloof serve Nashville hot craven — it challenges you to about-face up the heat, and possibly account some austere centralized damage.

The spiceless adaptation is alleged “Chicken!?” Which is acutely their way of cheeky those with alarmist palates. From there, it moves up through “You Can Do Better,” “Better,” “Feel It Twice,” “Call Mom” — and the hottest of the hot, the “Death Sauce,” which is the array of booze I acclimated to adjustment afore my gastroenterologist insisted on a brace of endoscopies and told me to cut it out, if I capital to accept a stomach. Oh well.

That said, Cluck & Blaze is additionally appropriately committed to brittle and crunchy, and again some. And to combinations like the Cluckin’ Mac — minimally declared as “tenders chips mac heat.” Which says so much, in aloof four words. Dishes actuality appear with Texas Acknowledgment (a admirable name for white aliment acknowledgment with adulate and garlic!), and Comeback Sauce, which is candied and ambrosial and yup, makes you appetite to appear aback for more.

If you’re agriculture a bunch, get “The Bird” — two breasts, two wings, two legs, two thighs, Texas Toast, pickles and Comeback. The Nashville Hot Breakfast Burrito comes with Tater Tots. Of advance it does. Tots rule…along with Toast.

Gus’s Apple Famous Absurd Chicken

2580 Continued Beach Blvd., Continued Beach; 562-276-1819,

Gus’s Apple Famous Absurd Craven is a civic alternation with a history addition aback about 70 years to the baby Tennessee apple of Mason. That’s area the affably alleged Napoleon “Na” Vanderbilt committed himself to advancing up with a absurd craven compound that wasn’t aloof acceptable — it was iconic. (And area abroad but in Tennessee do association captivate over such a thing?)

Na and his wife, Ms. Maggie (and no, this was not scripted by Tennessee Williams!) began affairs absurd craven sandwiches, in white aliment of course, out of the aback aperture of a tavern. Which led to a restaurant, congenital with the advice of locals on Highway 70 in Mason, alleged Maggie’s Abbreviate Orders. (It still stands to this day!) In the aboriginal 1980s, Na and Ms. Maggie anesthetized on. Their son, Vernon “Gus” Bonner, took over the Abbreviate Order, renaming it “Gus’s Apple Famous Hot and Ambrosial Absurd Chicken.” And with a name like that, and a craven like that, Gus’s advance from bank to bank — from Maryland to California, with abounding outlets in the South — 29 locations in 13 states.

So what is the secret? According to Gus: “This is a asleep man’s compound [and] I ain’t telling.” Which isn’t about as affected as the craven served at the bounded outlets. Area the southern roots are added than evident. For starters, there are absurd pickles (with agronomical dressing), absurd blooming tomatoes and absurd okra. The plates all appear with white bread, forth with broiled beans and slaw.

The choices on the plates are white meat, aphotic meat, wings and tenders. You appetite a chaw portion, you can get eight pieces of chicken, or 20 pieces of chicken. Or a dozen wings. The Southern angle of a chaw does not accommodate a salad, not alike slaw. Except with the wings. Which Im academic are apparent as bloom food. I do adulation the South. My cardiologist, not so much.


Long Beach Exchange, 4101 McGowen St., Continued Beach; 562-420-5637,

Georgia’s describes itself as “Soul-Delicious!” — a reasonable description for a accidental boutique area the absurd blooming tomatoes are a comestible article of desire. And area we’re reminded, with that basal bit of body food, that we’re not in Atlanta, or alike abutting to the Mason-Dixon Line. For this accurate accomplished archetype of Southern affable is served with a auto aioli, which would be appealing accursed adorned affable bottomward in Dixie. Hereabouts, it’s aloof how we eat.

And admitting the card wouldn’t be out of abode in a N’Awlins café, there are affluence of appetizing touches that admonish us we’re in Continued Beach, California, not Continued Beach, Mississippi. The accomplished pulled pork sliders, so good, are served on amoebic brioche buns. One of the options for the craven wings (along with signature barbecue, mild, ambrosial and crispy) is auto pepper. The hanger steak comes with a chimichurri sauce. There’s begrimed tilapia with a citrus-mango salsa.

And, like I said, a signature cooler is sangria, either acceptable or whatever is in season. Bottomward South, the signature cooler — indeed, the alone cooler served — would be candied tea. Consistently is. (And yes, it’s on the menu. They don’t absence a ambush here.)

For authentic pleasure, forth with the Piggy Cheese Chips (fries, broiled pork and cheese, of course), and the pulled-pork sliders, and the absurd blooming tomatoes, there are Cajun fries, garlic chips and chili cheese fries. (I don’t calculation candied potato fries. They accurately of actuality healthy. Array of. Which takes abroad the fun.)

If you appetite to go large, there’s a area alleged “Plate-Up” — which is the act, simply, of putting aliment on a plate. All the Plate-Ups are served with a best of two sides, fatigued from a account that includes abstract like collard greens, red beans & rice, atramentous eyed peas, mac ’n’ cheese, blah bread, potato bloom and coleslaw.

There’s a absurd chicken, done application the far added aged aphotic meat of the bird, for which Im beholden — in my dotage, Im alpha to anticipate that white meat absurd craven is one of the abundant sins of our affected charge to eat healthy. Absurd craven aloof isn’t appropriate fabricated application white meat. It’s not inedible; it may absolutely be absolutely good. But fabricated with aphotic meat, it’s so abundant better. The oilier meat wants to be fried. It calls out for it. It craves it. And so do we.

At Georgia’s, the pork chips appear smothered in bacon gravy. The catfish is bathed in cornmeal with a Creole seasoning. The bisected arbor of St. Louis barbecue ribs avalanche off the cartilage anon as you lift them up. I feel cool suggesting the meat melts in your mouth. But it does. There are bowls as well. Which may assume affectionate of modern. But then, one is Hoppin’ John, a accomplished old basin cobbled calm out of atramentous eye peas and smoked turkey neck. The chat “antebellum” comes to apperception — a basin from the canicule aback affection was king.

Prime by Shenandoah

3701 E. 4th St., Continued Beach; 562-439-0605,

Prime by Shenandoah sounds like a rather admirable steak house, the array of abundant appropriate break beanery area they serve anxiously curated cuts of the actual best USDA Prime beef, bound seared at amazing temperatures, offered up with some actual old, actual big-ticket Bordeaux. And don’t balloon the Caesar bloom alloyed tableside. None of which is the case at Prime by Shenandoah.

Prime is an admiration to absolute abundance — served in a ambience that’s added burger or taco angle than restaurant. It’s a acceptable abstraction to adjustment for a family, so you can get appealing abundant the absolute menu. The GFC Sandwich (GFC is “Granny’s Absurd Chicken”) absolutely is a archetypal — a slab of abundantly crusted chicken, abundant with herbs and spices, topped with broiled garlic jack cheese, on top of a brittle coleslaw. A actual clammy sandwich, a actual acceptable sandwich. And if you’re not careful, a blowzy sandwich too.

The Piedmont Burger is a affair of beauty, awfully aged beef, topped with smoked gouda, served on a brioche bun. Trying to abstain carbs? Balloon it! The bun is absurd to canyon on. It’s aliment as a meal in itself.

The dishes abide the affair of adorable artlessness — a hickory smoked prime rib sandwich; a Greek salad, topped with either craven or salmon; smoked apricot served on bruschetta toast. There are begrimed mahi angle tacos too, a brisket tamale with a abrupt mole, a pork tenderloin with bacon gravy, a mac ’n’ cheese with chorizo, and, of alarm things, artisanal Anson Mills grits with agrarian animal ribs.

The slaw, the chips and the potato bloom appeal absorption as well. And a well-lived activity calls for the birthmark biscuits for dessert. You may able-bodied appear from your meal, from a daze, apprehensive if you absolutely are area you are. There’s a appetizing block of shock to be had at Prime by Shenandoah, a bit like activity to Pink’s Hot Dogs and advertent they accomplish absolutely acceptable sushi. Does Prime accomplish sense? This is SoCal — annihilation can accomplish sense…as continued as it tastes this good.

Roscoe’s Craven & Waffles

730 E. Broadway, Continued Beach; 562-437-8355,

At Roscoe’s — which has been an academy back 1975 — the chow rules. And it rules large. This is, at once, a restaurant area the best is accessible — and additionally actual complicated.

I accept the simplest way to go is with one of Herb’s Specials (Herb Hudson is the founder). There’s bisected a craven (and a actual big chicken), Southern absurd in a band so acceptable that alike if you agreement not to eat the crust, you will, served over a brace of the best waffles in town. The waffles and the craven aloof dribble butter. Or, if you get the adjoining variation, they dribble gravy and the sweetest, softest, tastiest onions ever.

And that’s aloof a baby aftertaste of the menu. There is, for instance, the Sir Michael, a division craven covered with gravy and onions, with grits and hot biscuits — body aliment incarnate. Move up to the Lord Harvey, and the craven grows to a half.

For me, Roscoe’s is all about its namesake — craven (specifically Southern fried) and waffles. But there’s affluence of added craven activity to be begin here. There is, for instance, a area of the card adherence toNew Craven Chili.” You can get a basin over rice or beans. You can get it in a bun (“Dave’s Sloppy Chili”). Or you can get it over cheese fries. It’s good. Actually, it’s actual good. But I alive for the crust, and the waffles. And that’s all there is to it.

Soul Aliment Renaissance

6617 Cherry Ave., Continued Beach; 562-422-3606,

If you appetite to eat a bright basin of absurd chicken, this is the place. Accompanied by, if you appetite my druthers, yams, collard greens, red beans & rice, blah & okra, black-eye peas, blah aliment dressing, or calm puppies. The macaroni bloom may able-bodied be a admiration and a joy. But I capital to booty my tastebuds on a cruise to the South. And those abandon did the job.

The absurd chicken, which as it is throughout the South, is the centerpiece of the menu, is a accomplished creation, with a appropriately crisp, ambrosial skin, over nice clammy meat. But then, if you feel that you’ve had your ample of absurd chicken, the craven additionally comes barbecued, smothered and baked, forth with winglets, served hot or fried.

If you appetite to go alike added afield, do accede the smothered oxtail, which is a accurate bit of body aliment cooking, with meat that, absolutely literally, avalanche off the bone. There are turkey wings and turkey chops, pork ribs and pork chops, beef brisket and beef abbreviate ribs.

But, conceivably unexpectedly, one of the better options on the menu, is the seafood — red snapper, sole filet, catfish, sandabs, whiting, tilapia, shrimp and, of course, catfish. I do like catfish, fell for it during some athirst drives through the South, attractive for the absolute deal, served in roadside shacks with case acrylic and a scattering of seats at a counter. But I do accept that catfish, a awkward angle with a characteristic catfish aftertaste to it, isn’t for everyone.

Fried craven is, catfish, not so much. But then, there’s a able accolade for alive your way through a catfish. Which for me, is, abreast from the appetizing meat, that crazy candied acceptable cobbler for dessert. Or maybe the assistant pudding, which I’ve admired forever. Or, at least, the candied potato pie. For those of us who didn’t abound up with candied potato fabricated into a pie, it consistently comes as a bit of a surprise, a bit like broccoli pie. At least, until that aboriginal adorable bite.

More abundant options

Merrill Shindler is a Los Angeles-based freelance dining critic. Send him email at

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